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The Visibility Project is a photographic portraiture series focused on the Queer Asian American identified community.  All participants currently or have once identified as female and the project is inclusive to:  trans, ftm, mtf, genderqueer, bisexuals, lesbian, queer, intersex, andro, two-spirit…  Definitions of Asian Americans is very diverse:  East, Southeast, South Asian, Hapa, transplants, etc.

The project seeks to break down ethnic, gendered, and sexual stereotypes through the powerful and accessible media of photography and video.

Participants are invited to step into a studio space however they feel comfortable, whether it’s dressed to the tee in skirts and ties or throwing on sneakers with a rockin’ hoodie.  Two types of photography have been used to capture the images seen on this website, high end digital studio portraits, and historic tintypes (a process from the 19th century).

Everyone is asked to self-identify basic bio questions:  what is your ethnic background, which gender pronoun do you prefer, and how do you identify your sexual orientation.  As more regions of the U.S. are covered, the diversity of verbage will continue to increase. These pages will reflect the emerging dialectic terms of the community, and the phenomenal individuals who have stepped up willing to be visible.

Can’t remember if we’ve posted this before but this is a great project. Check it out.

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deliciously subversive: Genderfuck (Fat)shion blogs? →


Can anyone reccomend some genderfucking (fat)shion blogs?

After years of being ignored and invisiblized as a femme-presenting genderqueer, I “came out” as a genderqueer transguy and demanded male pronouns. Resisting years of feeling invisible as a boy and as a genderqueer, I presented pretty…

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What is the project: We are creating an anthology.  An anthology of the
best poems out there by trans and genderqueer writers and we would love to
include your work in the book. Our assumption is that the writing of trans
and genderqueer folks has something more than coincidence in common with the experimental, the radical, and the innovative in poetry and poetics (as we
idiosyncratically define these categories), and with your help we’d like to
manifest that something (or somethings) in  a genderqueer multipoetics, a
critical mass of trans fabulousness.

This anthology is edited by TC Tolbert and Tim Peterson (Trace)—both
trans-identified poets. It will be published by EOAGH Books in early 2012,
and you can bet it will be widely distributed!

Deadline for Submissions: Nov 30, 2011

What to Submit: 7-10 pages of poetry, and a prose “poetics” statement (see below)

Where to Submit: email us at

Why is this anthology important: While trans and genderqueer poets have
existed for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, there has never been a
collection of poetry exclusively by trans and genderqueer writers that also
highlights a diverse range of poetics and other marginalized identities.  Each
particular understanding of self and gender creates an essentially complex
and rich multipoetics that undermines any sort of universal trans aesthetic.
Inherently multi-vocal and anti-hegemonic, a singular trans experience
simply does not exist and, frankly, we don’t want it to.  For this reason,
an anthology is the most conducive venue for undoing any attempted
whitewashing and/or homogenizing of an imagined trans voice.  As we said, we want your words.  The words, syntax, perspective, lyric, narrative, image
(or the disruption of any of these) that could actually only come from you.

What kind of writing are we looking for:  This anthology seeks writing
that makes us wet our panties a little bit and wonder what the f* have we
been doing with our lives all this time.  While this project exists in a
historical context of several important anthologies that gather marginalized
and under-represented writers (This Bridge Called My Back, No More Masks, The Open Boat, The World in Us, etc), this will be the first anthology to foreground the poetic writings of trans and genderqueer authors.  The book will feature 7-10 pages of work from approximately 35 poets and we hope you will be one of them!

A meta-layer of fabulous: One thing that makes this anthology unique is
that it will include a statement on poetics by each participant, along
with your poems. This is a chance for you to tell us something about your
writing process, writing practice, theory of life, or whatever you like. It
might include the relationship of the body and text, or the practice of
reading and misreading text and the body, or locations, connections, and
divisions of the self amongst text and the self amongst other bodies or…you
get the point.

Hello!  I know what my next writing project is.

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A new resource guide by and for trans people is looking for people of color, immigrants, working class folks and people on the feminine spectrum who are interested in sharing their stories, expertise and experiences for this groundbreaking book project. You don’t need to be an academic or…


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OYE! Calling for submissions to a queer Xican@ zine. Being taken on by members of The Evergreen State College MEChA, QPOC and Women of Color Coalition. We want:

  • your arte(!!!), 
  • tus poemas/poetry
  • tus cuentos/your stories, weaving in elements of Xican@ identity and queer identity, or something to that affect. 
  • links to your favorite xicana/latina/queer/trans* artists, blogs, books, poems, works, magazines/other zines, etc. and anything or everything. 
  • amazing ‘how to be a queer person of color ally’ information, or steps of your own that you want published in a great collective zine. 
  • stuff that links the personal to the political, body politic for women of color, articles. 
  • shit that the creator(s) should know about, as this is a new project
  • is this making sense?

please reply to this post with any or all of a few of these things. please reblog as widely as possible and repost wherever you feel, we need as many submissions and as much apoyo as possible!

email to submit things that don’t fit into the reblog/comment format. 

DEADLINE: June 1st!

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